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Cruze Diesel Comes to U.S. Market

For quite some time now, the talk of fuel alternatives has been a buzz in the automotive world. Hybrids and electrics have taken to markets all across the world. Compressed natural gas has even grabbed the limelight here and there. But amongst these alternate power sources, there remains one option that is largely unheard of in the United States: diesel.

Perhaps the average consumer avoids the d-word because it comes with a longstanding prejudice. Although the power source is largely reserved for big rigs and tractors, Chevrolet is about to bring back into the small car segment. In order to fight against the evils of the over-priced gas pump, Chevy is working on developing a diesel engine for its U.S.-based Chevrolet Cruze.

Brand enthusiasts are probably already aware that the Cruze Diesel has made its mark on the market throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. In fact, company officials estimate the total sales number to be around 33,000-units for the year. While we fully believe it's time for Felix Chevrolet to catch up, there are a few perks to being the last to jump on the bandwagon. Mike Omotoso, a powertrain analyst, notes, "So far, the German automakers haven't had any diesel car competition in North America."1

Not that competition is a problem for Chevrolet. One need only look as far as the ultra-adventurous Chevy Sonic which boasts more power, better fuel economy and greater safety than most in its class. But the fact that Chevrolet will be the first to truly market a mainstream diesel means that the automaker really has an edge over others. Chevy anticipates the Cruze Diesel to hit dealers like Felix Chevrolet at 3330 S Figueroa Street sometime next year. While you're waiting for more information (i.e. pricing and availability) feel free to check out our complete lineup of new Chevrolet and used car models.

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